How To Adopt Sound Business Practices At Work

calculateSo you are the owner of a business. Or you are in the upper echelons of the management of a company. There are people depending on you for guidance and advice related to their work and also to provide them with a pay check at the end of the month. There are customers depending on you to deliver over and above the expected quality. Your standing in the society is daily scrutinized by the same society. Though it may seem like all you ever do is sit in your office and play games, you too are walking a tightrope, trying to keep your employees, customers as well as the society happy. One such way to ensure that you keep all parties happy is to adopt good business practices.
Good business practices are a norm of business followed by many organizations. You may already be following them, but might not know them as good business practices. Locking yourself up in your room and getting your secretary to lie about your whereabouts when a particularly difficult customers or your tax accountant comes to visit is definitely not it. Here are some pointers.
Human Resource Management
Good human resource management is a big component of good business practice. Does your company have a dedicated HR personnel to handle your employees? In some small companies, sometimes one of the administration staff doubles has HR. But if your company is bigger than 35 people, make sure that you have a dedicated HR person to ensure that your employees are kept happy and satisfied.

Statutory Payments
Are you paying your statutory requirements? Or are you hiding behind a file cabinet, along with your financial records when your tax return accountant Gold Coast arrives at the end of a financial year? Do you audit your own financial records for the year? Do you pay the required mandatory taxation to the government without fraud? Ask yourself these questions and if the answer is no, then no, you are not following good business practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Many companies and business owners think that as long as they keep their customers and employees happy, they are following good business practices. This is not so. There is a whole society that could affect your business if you do not have a good standing with them. Therefore if you did not have a proper CSR program, start one. Start small at the beginning. This maybe something as small as providing a lunch meal to the nearest children’s home. Believe it or not, but your employees will also get a kick out of it too!

How To Convert Your Beach House Into An Inn

In today’s busy world people do not have time to take vacations as much as they used to. Those who went on vacation two or three times a year now have to make do with only once a year vacations. This makes vacations all the more precious. Therefore people tend to demand for better quality gazebos for the vacations, which have become too few and far in between. As a result of too busy agendas, those vacation homes that were filled with people two or three times a year now sit empty for the better part of the year. If you too have a beach house that is empty more than it is occupies simply because you do not have the time to visit it, why not think about converting it to an inn? This way, not only will it not be run down due to lack of use, buy you will also be able to earn some money out of it.

The Rooms

If you have a large number of rooms, you are good to go. But if your beach house has only two or three rooms and the rest is all living area, you might want to consider adding an additional room or two into the house. These rooms do not have to be made out of traditional material. A simple brick room with Bali thatching can go better with the whole beach theme. Once you have the adequate number of rooms, get around to decorating them according to a similar theme or different themes. Turn to articles on interior decoration for help on this matter.

The Exterior

The exterior of your beach house most probably included the garden and the pool. If your pool needs some repairs, make sure that you attend to them. If your pool house is run down, get around to making the necessary repairs. Convert the pool house so that it is not only a chafing room, but can also double as a bedroom. You can also section off a portion of the pool into a pool bar. Here too you can use Bali hut kits at Sunshine Coast on the roof to keep the whole beach theme going.

The next step is to make sure that your garden looks as good as the house. If your garden was not landscaped, hire a professional landscaper. You may have to invest a small fortune, but you will definitely reap the benefits in multiple fold once your inn is up and running. Do not hesitate to add nice touches such as bird feeders, hammocks, barbeque grills and a nice clay oven. These will all pay off in the long run.