Keeping Your Memorabilia In The Best Way

Memorabilia is a good way to store your favorite signature and photographs. It is really enjoying and fulfilling to collect framed memorabilia. It is not only a hobby, but also a money spinning business. But keeping these items safe is really a tough job. There are many factors to damage the colour easily. These factors are humidity and UV radiation. It often make the colour fade away of signature and colour.

You need to find the right store for quality sporting memorabilia framing. Framed memorabilia can lose its colour when exposed to UV rays. Even, heat can affect the memorabilia. The colour can fade away if it is exposed to fireplace heat.

Light and humidity:

Light and water are two factors that can cause problem to your memorabilia. While humidity affects largely, artificial lights also affect the colour of the items. Framed memorabilia are at risk from the grim and dust in the air. It is also important to throw some light on your memorabilia to make it appear apparently. But a harsh light can affect it when exposed for a longtime. A 60 watt incandescent bulb is enough to make the memorabilia visible without any harm to it. Now, you may feel it safe to keep your memorabilia in dark corners. But here is another problem. Humidity will affect frames and the memorabilia easily. Water damage is often permanent. So, choose an airtight container to keep your memorabilia to keep it safe from humidity.


It is always better to take protective measures in case of saving things from damage. As lights and humidity can cause damage to the priced items, it is necessary to save them from these factors. When you put your memorabilia in the glass frame, you will find that the glass stick to the picture. It may cause permanent damage to the item. You can save it with an acid free mat by placing it between the glass and the memorabilia. There are quality framing available that come with lightly greenish glass. This light colour can help to save from UV rays. Plexiglas is a material that is sturdy but at risk from scratches. So, it will be helpful to use soft cloth to clean it.

A memorabilia is appreciated when it retains its beauty. The originality and integrity are two necessary things to maintain in case of a priced possession. To do this, you may need to bear some extra expenses. When you store the items, do it in a high quality sheet to avoid stains and smudges on your priced memorabilia.